Sunday, December 15, 2013

As the Holiday season comes upon us, we will be working our programs around all the activities at the school.  This may change some of our class days/times/locations.  Please be patient with us and call if you have questions.  We will also set up some open gym time over the school break as soon as I get all the schedules from the basketball teams.  Watch facebook for updates and times will be posted on the gym doors.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stafford Education Foundation Fun Run Reg form

Registration form

Kenny King Tournament Rules

                                                                                                                                        Revised  09/13                                                                                                                                                       



Rules and Regulations

1.         All leagues will play under USSSA rules.

2.                  All ground rules should be discussed before each game.  For safety reasons, we will implement the “no slide rule” at first base.

3.                  Batter begins with a 1-1 count.  Second foul ball after two strikes is an out.  No one may advance in either case.

4.                  Men automatically get second base when walked; Women have the option of walking or batting.

5.                  Home run rule – a total of 2 per team per game.

6.         Game time is forfeit time. There will be a 55-MINUTE TIME LIMIT.  The umpire’s/scorekeeper’s watch will be the official timepiece.  No grace period will be allowed for starting games.  The umpire will declare a forfeit, if a team cannot field the required number of legal players at the designated time. It is your responsibility to have the team on the field at game time.

7.         A team will consist of 10 players on the playing field with the following exceptions:
A.        Each team must have at least eight (8) players present to start.

B.                 Teams may start the game with eight (8) players, but must have equal numbers of men and women to start play (4 men, 4 women). Players may play any position while on defense.

C.                 The void in the batting order created by the missing player(s) will constitute an out.

8.         Team Rosters:
A.        Must be submitted to the SRC Office prior to the teams’ first game or may be turned in to the supervisor at the ball field.

B.        Open roster, no limit.

C.                 A player may not play for more than one team and may not transfer to another team.  

D.        No one under the age of 18 years of age may play in the tournament.   

  1.  In the case that the SRC is unable to furnish a score keeper, the Home team will be the official scorekeeper.  Home team shall be designated at the beginning of each game by a coin flip.  Score books will be furnished by SRC.  If home team is unable to keep the scorebook, they forfeit the home team advantage.

In case of rain before a game you may call the following phone numbers AFTER 4pm:                             SRC Office – 620-234-5248 x259 or Jan’s cell phone – 316-734-3721

11. OFFICIAL BALL:  Each team will hit their own balls.  Co-ed Men will use 12” 44 core balls; Co-ed Women will use the 11”47 core balls. The umpire shall be able to read the stamping on the ball, or the team will be required to provide a substitute ball.
ΓΌ  Check the Rule Book for more information.

12. A ten (10) run lead after five (5) innings or a fifteen (15) run lead after three (3) innings will constitute a game. Three and a half (3-1/2) innings will constitute a game called due to weather (if the home team is ahead).

  1. Team players and coaches are requested (but not required) to at least be in matching colored shirts. Soccer shoes or tennis shoes are acceptable.  No metal cleats / No illegal or altered bats. 

  1. All new bats must be stamped with 1.20 BPF. Any player using an illegal bat will automatically be ejected from the ball game.  If you are unsure, ask the umpire.

15.  Once a player is taken out of a game for any reason other than regular substitution, he/she may not return (exception: blood rule).  Games may end on an automatic out.

16. A substitute runner may be used for an injured/unable to run player.  The substitute runner will be a player who made the last out and of the same gender.  If the injured player is unable to continue, an out will be called for the void in the lineup.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages by a team member during a game either in the dugout or outside the dugout could result in an automatic ejection by the umpire.  Players will not be permitted to play while drunk, this will be by the discretion of the umpire and or field supervisor.

17. No children or animals are allowed in the dugout area and all animals must be on a leash. Smoking will not be permitted on the field or in the coach’s box

18. Umpires will not take abuse from managers or players.  Excessive use of profane language by a team or player could result in an automatic ejection, and/or forfeit of the game being played.  Any player ejected will leave the premises. Any player or manager touching, bumping, or striking an official may be suspended from future league play and barred from the premises, upon review by the SRC director and/or Board.

19. T-shirts will be awarded for first place. 

20. Prior to the game, the manager of a CO-ED team shall have the option of batting 10 or 12 players, (5 men and 5 women OR 6 men and 6 women) using regular substitution rules.  COED managers must bat equal numbers of men and women.  If there were an extra player, that player would be used as a regular sub. Or the manager may elect to bat everyone that shows up and wants to play and use free defensive substitution rules.  Anyone showing up late would go to the bottom of the batting order.  Any void in the batting order created by a player leaving the game for any reason would constitute an out and that player could not return during that game.

Remember, this is a benefit tournament, meant for recreational and social time.